Stamp appraisal.

Would anyone happen to know what these stamps might be worth? "" alt="IMG_4575" title="IMG_4575"/>


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  • Savings stamps, Scott S1. Mint never hinged cat. value 50 cents. Without gum value would be less.
  • Hey Jerold. obviously brand new here....thanks for your comment. most of that is over my head. so you are saying they are only worth 50 cents?
  • No, he did not say that. He gave you the catalog value for those stamps that are in better condition than what is in the book you have. Condition is everything.

    If the stamps are stuck down in the book, as possibly evidenced by the stamp that was torn to bit trying to "peel" it off the sheet, then the stamps will have to be soaked off the page, and the value will drop considerably. If the stamps are hinged, the value will drop considerably. If the stamps are damaged, well, they are common stamps, and such stamps in damaged condition as worth next to nothing. Condition is everything. Possible market value is 5 to 10 cents each.
  • Michael Generali. thank you for your information. I'm sure it is annoying to have complete novice people that have absolutely no clue asking elementary level questions. I assumed much of what you are saying and, like most things....condition is everything. Just wanted to look into it a little before i chucked them into the trash.
  • Ted Tyszka, thanks for the links...super helpful.
  • Your question was not annoying. It would have been if you asked if what you had was worth $1 million. We get that alot.
    I was pointing out the factors that you might be facing with those stamps. Personally, I would keep them in the book. Together they add interest to what they are. Also, the book looks to be in decent condition, and that will add a little to the collector interest and value.
  • Hey Michael....thanks again for your info. i have never collected stamps so know Zero about that industry. Just didn't know if they were worth selling. for 2 or 3 dollars not sure it is worth the effort to find someone that would buy them. anyway. thanks and have a great day.
  • I would say that with the book and the stamps still intact in it, you could find someone who will pay a few dollars for it.
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