Selecting Condition in Search Results

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When filtering search results by Condition, I'm usually able to check off both the Unused and the MNH boxes before the search results refresh with the filtered results, but many times the screen refreshes too quickly after the first condition box is selected, before I can click on the second box. I'd like it if the system either 1) had a longer lag time before refreshing, or 2) since the search results are already showing all conditions, have every box checked off already, then allow the user to deselect whichever condition they don't want to see.

Also, it would be nice if the Condition filter was available on an "All Categories" search, without requiring you to select a country filter first. Why? Because many stamps are listed under the wrong country, inadvertently, by the seller, and others are placed in different different geographical categories by different sellers. It would make it a lot easier to compare listings if we didn't have to switch among different search results.


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  • Sounds like a practical tool, Ted. It seems it's within the realm of doing as, for instance, Stamps2Go already has this filtering option. Perhaps Hipstamps could run a Beta version and we could test drive it ......with a "conditional" use permit of course.
  • Thanks, Ron. I knew I could condition you to accept my view.
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