Hindenburg first flight and Graf Zeppelin covers

Any ideas on values? I'm not very educated on these covers. Sorry, these are the best images I have. Thank you.



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  • I am surprised no one has replied yet. Not an expert at all. But all zeppelin stuff has some decent value. Compare to sold items on eBay may help.
  • The covers are damaged from the acid transfer from the scotch tape that was used to stick the covers to the album pages. The value will be reduced as a result of the damage.
  • Thanks Martin and Michael.

    I was thinking of bidding, but let them pass. The third image shows interesting markings (return to sender), and in the fourth image that postcard looks to be over franked, even if it was an around the world trip.

    Michael, I read a blurb recently about being able to restore pieces damaged with the tape. Unfortunately I didn't explore it further and have lost the link. I'm not sure if it was a technique or a product. For all I know it could just be a cosmetic fix.
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