Private Perf vending machine stamps.

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Hi. I'm Rob. I'm new here. I inherited stamps 5 years ago and I learned you dont get into stamps for the money. You have to learn alot... I think i might have found a couple gems. Yay or nay?


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  • im having issues uploading photos. I click upload image, select image, open, window disappears, no photo, over and over. I was able to upload image to my profile pic
  • Probably the file is too large. Reduce the size of your photo or scan so it is about 800 pixels wide.
  • I'm no expert, but looking at the catalogue these have minimal value. The three with a rectangular perf are from the Schermack Co. The other 1c looks like a regular perforated issue. The 2c with 5 holes could be a Mailometer Co. perf.

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