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Has anyone noticed that feedback given to a buyer is not being shown?
I also notice that some buyers are getting one feedback while they have being given feedback on multiple items.
Anyone else notice this?


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  • When you leave feedback for another member, their feedback score/count will not be immediately updated on their own feedback page. To help ensure that our website runs smoothly, this data is cached and updated every few minutes, etc.
  • Thanks Mark

    I just got used to seeing the feedback updated almost immediately.
  • I'm still seeing this issue after 24 hours. Received multiple feedbacks from buyer but my count only increased by 1.
  • If I viewed the correct store, 89 feed backs were recorded for the past month which agrees with the actual number of individual feed backs listed during that period. This number includes the 8 feed backs posted yesterday. Are you looking at your total feed backs or only those for the past month? Remember this number only counts the past 30 days, so don't expect that number to just increase with the new feed backs posted. It will also be reduced by those now more than 30 days old.
  • Ok, maybe I'm crazy, but I know a buyer had just left me feedback for 4 items in the same transaction. I went to reciprocate feedback selected 2 of the 4 items (I was going to leave a different comment for the other 2). Left feedback for the first 2, but when I went back to leave the feedback on the other 2 there was only one item left. I left feedback for the 3rd item, but the 4th item is nowhere to be found in the feedback section. Both mine and his feedback only show the 3 feedback, no matter where I look for the 4th to give the feedback it is nowhere to be found.
    Has this ever happened to anyone before, or am I just missing something.
  • I have never seen a problem with feedback total in the past. However, within the last week, my feedback number (the number that I have received versus the number reported when one of my items for sale is accessed) started to no longer mesh.

    On January 19 there were three separate feedbacks left by one buyer, but the number that shows up when one of my auctions is opened only increased by one (going from 6297 to 6298). When I went to the "Feedback" area on my "Members Area", the correct feedback total of 6300 was shown. This stayed the same through earlier today.

    Yesterday I received feedback from one buyer who left three feedbacks. I don't remember seeing these as being counted yesterday.

    During the middle of today, I received feedback from a buyer giving thirty-one feedbacks. In the "Feedback" area in my "Members Area", the correct total feedback is given as 6434. However, if I open up one of my auctions, it only shows a feedback total of 6404. The only logical way that I can arrive at this 6404 number is that the two missing feedbacks from January 19 are now being counted, all three of the feedbacks that were posted yesterday are being counted, and only one of the feedbacks from the buyer who left thirty-one feedbacks today is being counted.

    If I open one of my auctions and click on my feedback number (6404), the feedback page on the top gives the 6404 number, but down below where all the feedbacks are show, it states that 6434 entries were found. The table at the top shows no negative feedbacks, so there should be no reduction for purpose.

    Any idea what is going on?
  • I think many people place too much "value" in feed backs. While it's nice to have a 100% number, many don't know what they are doing when they leave feed back, so the number at times is often misleading anyway.

    I received 50 negative feed backs from someone living in Israel on the 22nd for stamps they had purchased on the 21st. Their comment was "thanks". I received another 40 plus negatives from someone who stated "nice stamps".

    I have purchased several hundred stamps at auction from a dealer that has never left me any feedback as I don't believe they leave it for anyone. I have noticed some buyers with minimal feedback buying many stamps from the same seller without receiving any feedback.

    In earlier days, I would ask HipStamp to correct my feedback. They would change it to neutral which is my opinion is just as "bad", so I don't bother them with this minor annoyance anymore. It doesn't seem to affect my sales as I continue to make daily sales.
  • Positive feedback is always nice, but it is stamps that I collect. Just saying!
  • My comment was moved to a thread that was marked as "Solved" with no comment provided by the management. My feedback issue has not been corrected, so I guess that their response was much like John's above; in other words, feedback is unimportant, we not going to bother trying to figure out what is going on with your feedback, just forget about it.

    I did receive fifty-eight feedbacks from one buyer today. All the previous feedbacks are now apparently being counted as my feedback number bumped up to 6435, but again only one of the most recently left feedbacks are being counted. So I guess I just have to be patient and assume that as time goes by all but the most recent feedbacks will be counted. Weird.
  • I will remove all my negative feedbacks. The 2 sellers that send items God knows where did not send them to me. Please remove negatives. I dont want fellow buyers to suffer what I did at Christmas. I purchased, by bid 2 lots and then another, never got it, meanwhile had 3 seperate bids inplace that were won by same seller. NEVER got anything and you block me from bidding? !!! I have placed bids at 10's of thousand dollars on items.
  • Mark, if this is how you treat your bidders, remove me from your site. Your sellers need to fulfill the shipments or raise the start bid. Not jilt a buyer because they did not like the closing bid.
  • I think the original post was solved. You can't just add your own feedback issue to someone else's post. It makes it a nightmare to follow and track. If you feel it really is a problem that Hipstamp can fix, open a new post. This is basic forum etiquette that many don't seem to know or follow.
  • Mr.Hynes, THANK YOU!! Mr. Smith seems so upset that he has forgotten how things work!! Please Mr. Smith put your grievances up in a NEW POST sir....
  • Seller feedback for James Reinhold
    French Vimy Ridge Memorial stamps received as ordered. Speedy response. Transaction most satisfactory.
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