I need help and lots of it....

I have recently obtained a stamp collection that may take me a year to get through....I have never seen so many stamps. They are older and from around the world. I have no idea what I have here. I have never collected stamps and pretty much wish to sell them to those that enjoy and appreciate them. If anyone lives kinda near me and can help me out with this it would be a blessing for sure! I'm from niagara Ontario Canada. If not online help can be useful as well. So my question is.....anyone out there that can and will help me ?


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  • This is a tiny sample....there's thousands more.
  • Reduce the size of the picture.
  • How do I do that
  • Hello Amands!!! It might be easier to find a Coin/Stamp shop near you.They would be able to put you in contact with a reputable dealer or stamp club that might have some one close that could help you out. Remember that you can find a lot of info out by going to your local library and talking to people at the Coin/Stamp shop. Be cautious though. You might even try MYSTIC Stamp Company(ONLINE) and ask them their advise. I would be glad to help on line if you'd like, my name is Jeff1313 in San Diego,California!!
  • Thank you. I can't seem to figure out the picture thing so if there is a way I could get some pics to you and u can help me that would be wonderful:)
  • Amanda:
    I think you would better served by following Jeff's good advice if you cannot figure out how to load a lower resolution image to these forums. Try a google search for stamp clubs / shops near me as a first place to start. You can also go to the APS web site to learn more about what to do with your collection here is a link that may get you started, there is a lot more good advice on what to do with a newly acquired collection on their site.
    Keep in mind that old does not necessarily mean that it has any value, even in volume, most stamps were produced in millions when they first came out
  • Amanda - If you are in Niagara Falls, Ontario there are several dealers in that area that are members of the Canadian Stamp Dealers Association that could help evaluate your collection. There is an online list with phone numbers on the internet.
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