5 states to go

Few brick and mortar stamp stores remain locally and the weakly-attended monthly stamp shows make it hard to get a sense of the hobby's health. Even here on the forums comments are most commonly posted by "regulars" so it's hard to gauge whether the population of collectors is holding or continuing to decline. As a one-man seller here, I decided to check past records to see the geographic range of my US buyers. Surprisingly, last year there were orders from all but 5 states. This I found encouraging, that interest remains and is widespread. BTW the 5 states I'm still hoping to hear from are (understandably) AL, AK, SD, RI and WY. Wondering how others experiences have been.


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  • I have 8 states that I didn't send anything to for last year: Alabama, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nebraska, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, and West Virginia. I was surprised with that total, but this is a New Year!
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    I need to kick it up a notch. I lacked sales from 15 states last year. :(
    AL, RI, SD are common to all 3 of us.
    I did have sales to 9 foreign countries, before eliminating my international shipments.
  • I sadly believe stamp collecting is dwindling generation after generation.
    When I was a kid I had many many friends that collected stamps.
    Right now, I am not aware of any kid in my family or friends circles that collect stamps.
    Partially likely because stamps became stupidly boring especially that ugly adhesive they use now. But also the younger generations simply rather play xbox or what not and diddle daddle on their phones. Maybe a few stamp related phone apps might spark some interests. Who knows....
    Btw I am 50...
  • Very true Martin. It's not a coincidence that after video games were cheap enough for kids to play (~1977), they stopped collecting stamps. The youngest of those "kids" are now about 50. After they retire (about 10-15 years from now) I think stamp collecting will start declining even faster as there will be much fewer new collectors. It will never go away, just change dramatically. But who knows.
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