Is this 319 woth anything? from booklet on PC from 1907

Bottom left corner from booklet.
Not worth much I assume by itself, but what about Postal history??

319 on card


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  • There doesn't appear to be anything "historical" about this post card. I did try to find the addressee without success. Unless there's something notable on the message side, this card will be just another one of those you'd find in a dealer's dollar cover bin.
  • Aww dang...
    Well, maybe I should just hope that a family member will find and want it ;)
    Thanks for the input.
  • Well, it is attractive in a general sense of postal history through the quaint legible cursive writing done by fountain pen (the stylized "G"). The two cities postmarks showing one day travel including hour time stamps and the nice wave design cancellation over side-mounted engraved postage add character that speak of bygone times; a nostalgic reminder that nowadays seems so distant. Sigh, back to self adhesives, texting and cellphones go I.
  • New York Sta. K, New York County (1870-1946) Is a D P O
    Keep on stamping
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