Of value or not....

Just started collecting stamps again after finding my collection that I started in my youth. Really enjoying myself and love the art and history that stamps offer. Anyway, I found two stamps of interest. Don't know if they are "junk" or valuable. One is Catalog number #R136 and the used stamp by itself is of low value. My question is the fact that it attached to a paper that has a unique image make it more valuable? My guess is no but just checking to see if anyone knows.

The second stamp is catalog number #1324. That in itself doesn't make it valuable. But I noticed a print shift. The river portion in shifted. So not sure if this adds any value to the stamp. Again just checking to see if anyone knows.Scan_20200209_184306


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  • These are common stamps. The color misregistrations are not dramatic enough to make them worth much. However, some people collect such "freaks", and may be willing to pay a little bit extra for them.
  • Your 1324 is a nifty colour shift which would likely be worth a premium over the stamp's minimal catalogue value, although how much of one I have no clue. I would suggest trying a search here and on eBay to see if any similar ones are being offered or have sold to get some idea.
    Too bad the revenue is on piece. Given what's there, the entire document must have been breathtaking. Maybe it was a cheque or a certificate of deposit?
  • Thanks for all your kind feedback and suggestions. Yes, I wish I had the entire document with the revenue stamp!
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