Can anyone tell me where Hipstamp performance reports are published?


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  • For the entire site, or for your store?
  • For the entire site.
    I want to give Hipstart one more try but I want to be more informed.
    Also with a fairly substantial increase in costs to open and run a shop there is a need to be well informed.
  • I understand. Those are not available here. There are some sites that give you statistics about web sites. Of course, those are snaps in time, and often the owners of the sites being viewed say that such stats are not valid. You be the judge. I used to have links to a couple of those sites, but I don't have them anymore.
  • If you are worried the site doesn't sell any stamps, Mark, the owner, informed us the site generated more than $12,000,000 in sales last year. I and many others have been around since 2006 on this site or one of his earlier sites, so I don't think he's going anywhere. Hopefully not because I purchased an annual subscription for my store to save money.
  • I have been selling here for many. many years, back when it was STAMPSWANTS, then BIDSTART, I even had very good sales when it was Stanley Gibbons for a short time, and today HIPSTAMP.
    My store is very small but I still get regular sales.
    I do not do this for a living, just to sell what I have in stock, and I am very satisfied.
  • I started off slowly on Bidstart and now that I have a good quantity of stamps listed, sales are very good...maybe too much! Since while on vacation for 2 weeks with my store closed I still got over 400 listings sold! And I don't give away my stock but I deliver! My feedbacks are now over 14,000.
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