Feedback Manipulation

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Must be nice to be the CEO so you can remove most of the negative feedback received & stay above 99%! And never leave feedback for paying customers.


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  • It would be nice to know who & what you are talking about!!!!
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    Feedback is a very important part of HipStamp and our Customer Support and Trust & Safety team works very hard to ensure the integrity of our feedback system.

    In general, once feedback has been left, it can not be changed. However, at a Seller's request or upon internal review, our team will withdraw feedback in very specific cases as outlined by our terms and conditions:

    These cases include:

    Item Specific. Feedback must be specific to each individual listing. For example, if there is an issue with one listing, out of an order of ten listings, neutral or negative feedback can only be left for the one listing, not all ten.

    A clear mistake. For example, a member left feedback with the text “Smooth Transaction, No Problems”, but accidentally checked of the negative feedback box.

    A member requests to withdraw feedback within 30 days. Specifically, if neutral or negative feedback was left due to an issue with the transaction, which was subsequently resolved, the poster may request to withdraw their feedback within 30 days of the original transaction.

    Failure to read a clear item description. In the case where a buyer has left neutral or negative feedback, but their comment shows a clear failure to read the item description (which in itself must be clear and unambiguous), the Seller may request the feedback be reviewed for removal. An example of this would be if a listing was for a “Used” item, and the feedback left is a complaint that the item is “Used”.

    Delivered orders shipped with tracking. In the case where a buyer has left neutral or negative feedback, indicating that an order was not delivered, but the Seller can prove delivery via a valid tracking number, the Seller may request the feedback be reviewed for removal.
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    Jason, Your post suggests you have a grievance regarding feedback-hopefully one you have attempted to address directly through Hipstamps channels for resolution before bringing it to light in this open forum. Two things: most of us who have monitored these forums have seen how Mark has resurrected a fast-fading stamp venue to a renewed, viable alternative to places like eBay. Along the way, many helpful changes have been implemented; some inspired by requests posted right here where a specific category is listed for such input. We have also seen his active participation and responses to many concerns
    so we can attest to his commitment to the site and those who are served by it. Collectively, over time, we have asked for a
    considerable amount of "tweaks" to the operation, often times not cognizant of a modification's technical do-ability. In
    summary, any argument imputing management's motives or personal favoritism seems factually unwarranted. Secondly, posting a complaint without presenting your case before us here is empty. It conveys no details, no context- only unproductive venting
  • I LOVE all feedback as long as it's positive.
  • I purchased a couple stamps 67 and a 67A left positive feed back paid immediately and never received feedback even after reaching out about it.So he does have a point.Kudos to what has been done with the site.
  • Not everyone leaves feedback. That's a fact of life. I only receive feedback on about 65% of my sales, but provide feedback on 100% of my sales. So if you want more feedback, just buy some stamps from me.
  • I think it has been documented well on these forums in the past that as a seller you can expect between 50 -60% feedback from buyers. That is certainly true in my case where i have left about 23000 feedback's for buyers and received about 11000 in return. I have no problem with that as I realize buyers are busy and have other priorities.
    In my process I leave feedback as part of the shipping process,:
    1. find stamps
    2. Pack in order of invoice
    3. create shipping label
    4. update shipping status
    5. leave feedback
    6. head to post office!
    Simple process and have always been able to resolve any issues without the need for negative feedback ( i do make mistakes occasionally!)
  • I do the same, except I reverse 4 and 5 because, if you do 4 first, then 5 goes away from un-shipped page. However, I have not been as fortunate as you and have gotten multiple negatives from buyers who don't know how to leave feedback. They leave the day after they buy the stamps (50) or tell you "great stamps" (40). Others have left neutral after I fix one of my mistakes. I know these negatives could be changed to neutral, if I requested, but anyone taking the time to check (and it is time consuming because you need to search for them... it would be nice if one could only read negative or neutral comment with a simple search... if memory serves me, that option was available on StampWants ...) they see all of positive comments and hopefully buy anyway.
  • My mistake John, I also do 4 and 5 in the reverse to what I indicated for the same reason as you stated
  • I find this very interesting and wanted to toss in my two cents ... On the orders sold page I just cut/copy the name of the buyer to the top of the page in the buyer id box and I can only see that invoice. Hence leaving when the order is shipped and then feedback and the page doesn't go away. It's still up to the buyer if they want to leave feedback for me or not.
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