Ted Talks Stamps! Loud and Clear!



  • Wow Ted! What an asset you are to us and the hobby. You remind me of a few teachers in school that actually made their subjects easy to embrace, and to draw natural interest effortlessly. You have a gift for this. Thanks for all the work putting these talks together.
  • Fascinating details Ted, another excellent video!
  • Excellent Job, Thank You!!!
  • You all are just too kind.
    Thanks, everybody, for the encouraging words.
  • TED: That was fascinating! -- I love his talent, but I knew almost none of that trivia about him! Well done, as always!

    (p.s. check your HipComic messages - I left a question for you over there!)
  • Thanks a lot, Dave.
  • TED --- Just watched your tutorial on starting a YouTube Channel on the APS Webinar! Excellently done and so informative! You made it seem so easy . . . but I have to wonder about the sense of obligation you must feel to keep coming up with new content.
    Hope it's not too much of a burden.

    (I'll just point out that for most of the presentation we could see nothing below your nose! I think you were leaning too close to the camera and your mouth wasn't visible! Your forehead looked great, though!)

    Who was that prsenter for the APS? She was really good!

    Great job, Ted, and hugely enlightening! :smiley:
  • Aha, so Ted has a flaw ....... he's not well centered?
  • Thanks for the feedback, Dave. It's odd about the camera angle. I had my image on the screen the whole time and I never saw that. I will check with Heidi about that.
    Heidi Lauckhart-Rhoades, the hostess of the chat, is the APS Grassroots-Community Specialist. She is the face behind the APS Twitter account.
  • Yeah, Ron. Some say I'm also unhinged. LOL
  • Is there a link for later watching? Unfortunately the call of duty precludes realtime observation. We need to support folks like Ted who want to keep stamp collecting going.
  • Video has not been posted yet. I will provide a link, when it is available.
  • Ted, just saw the APS video....nicely done and informative. I started laughing when you mentioned the person who placed their collection on channel and said everything was valuable, I recall that debacle also. Nonetheless, you do have a calming style and make it interesting. Thanks , I lead a rather intense professional life and stamp collecting is for relaxation also, and your additions to the knowledge are great. Keep it up .
  • Thank you, Rene. And I see what Dave was talking about now. I apologize for the forehead shot throughout. I was under the impression that when the PowerPoint presentation was up, I would not be visible. Now, I know. :blush:
  • It was a very nice, informative forehead, though! :smiley:
  • A few years ago, I gave a 15-minute presentation on Slania and his works at a local Polish-American club. Only one member out of an audience of 42 people had heard of him. Everyone enjoyed it
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    That one member would be Ted. It's been reported Watson the super computer has refused to engage in a philatelic battle of wits with Ted, just confirming how wise Watson really is.
  • Ted, I have been spreading the word of your presentations to my fellow collectors who hate or don't own a computer!
    I have gotten one collector to watch and we really appreciate them. Thank you.
    PS: we are all in our 80s and 90s.with big collections.
    Harvey Golinger
  • Thank you very much, Harvey. I appreciate it.
  • The new episode, #21, of Ted Talks Stamps is now available for your viewing pleasure.

  • as usual, entertaining....I guess the coffee mug now has a "thin"? nice work!
  • Well Done Ted !! & you earned extra points with those of us in Arizona (I am sure Jeri will agree) for the way cool Kokopelli tee shirt. Keep up the good work.
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    I have to agree Dan - extra points for Kokopelli. Also extra points for the speed in which you sort stamps :)
  • Ted, your covfefe mug appears to have a large tear.
  • Thanks, y'all. :smiley:
  • I see they sent you a left-handed coffee mug but you're right-handed. And by the way, I tried the blind coffee test and spilled the stuff all over me ....forgot to remove the mask, arrrgh!
  • No doubt the cup being wr0ng-handed is why I cracked it. As for your blind taste test . . . well . . .
  • I've posted a new video to YouTube. Hope you like it and will subscribe.
  • Ted, as usual, well done. Thank you!
  • Thank you, Rene.
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