I See Hipstamp are Doing Well in the Online League Table

I have just been reading an article from "Webretailer" titled "THE WORLD'S TOP ONLINE MARKETPLACES 2020"

I was surprised to see how well Hipstamp (Hip eCommerce) is doing in the ratings. Hipstamp is currently running in position #131 in the table with 666.4K site visits per month.

The Big Players ratings are:

Amazon #1 with 5.7 Billion visits/month
PayPal Mall #3 with 2.1 Billion visits/month
eBay #4 with 1.6 Billion visits/month
AliExpress #6 with 639.1 Million visits/month
Etsy #11 with 255.3 Million visits/month

Well done Hipstamp - however these figures do help to show why my sales here are just a fraction of what I sell on ebay. Never mind..............."onwards and upwards!"


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  • Simple answer eBay has 2,400 times as many hits as hip has.
    Of course if you'd compare the stamp hits on eBay it won't be anywhere as crass a difference.
    Still though, the traffic is the reason.....
    Why do I sell well over 100 postcards a month on eBay but 2 or 3 on hippostcard? Same prices. Actually LESS competition here?
    Same reason, plus for some reason a lot of hip sellers love to give stuff away at prices that are cost prohibitive for me.
  • It does make you wonder why bother to list here?
    The word "masochist" comes to mind?
  • Tania
    cheap parking of huge numbers of items.
    I plan on taking stuff off ebay when it gets stale. Cost next to nothing to keep it here and with enough inventory you do get sales.
    If you are a small timer, maybe not so good, but for large sellers definitely worthwhile.
  • I prefer this place and Stamps2Go for the missing set pieces, partial sets, shades and its often alot cheaper than Ebay and no tax. Ebay is good for estate sales, liquidations and lots and has better access to foreign sellers.
  • Damn dude, you cheat on Media Mail and also don't report use tax? You are an all around rebel huh?
  • Ebay collects tax, hipstamp on behalf of sellers apparently does not, dont know if sellers here do on their own. I dont sell and am always up to date. Do you cheat.
  • I do not.
    Got plenty of quarterly sales tax returns to prove it.
    If you BUY from out of state, YOU the buyer has to report it as use tax on your tax return,
  • That seems to vary from state to state on on how they regulate it, weather they adequately regulate it or enforce it is seems. They use to require instate sellers above certain limits to collect it now it seems they can go after large volume sellers and require them to collect the tax thats probably why I get a tax charge on ebay. Kind of odd thou with Amazon as they have a presence in my state and on some items I get taxes and on some not even thou they are directly shipped from Amazon. I get most of my stamps from the UK and end up paying the tax off that. Must investigate further.
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