Has anyone figured out a different fix for the "HELP": pop-up

I had it blocked with ad-blocker plus but I installed webroot anti-virus and it apparently doesn't play nice with ad blocker. I suppose I can always use a sticky to block out that lower portion of the screen for this site but frankly that grows old quick. No idea why we can't be treated like grownups and allow us to disable that thing. With me it is a medical issue and could cause seizures and yet no one here seems to care. Very sad that we (the customers here) are being treated like petulant two year olds.


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  • I agree, Carol. Don't need and certainly do not WANT that nonsense.
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    Sounds like a browser setting to me. I use Firefox and don't see any pop-ups on this site. In the settings menu I have "Block Pop Up Windows" set. Other browsers have similar settings.
  • Odd - I use Firefox and block pop-ups is checked and yet I still get the "Need Help?" pop up in the bottom right corner (using Win 7) when in a store or trying to list items. Ad-block plus said it blockef two (2) pop ups on those pages.

    Oh well thanks for trying.
  • Hi Carol, make sure this entry is in your ad-blocker filter list:


    (I use u-Block Plus which should be similar. Right-click on icon, select options, select your filter list tab).
  • Like I said - I was using Ad-Blocker plus - it blocked the annoying Need Help popup well.. When I installed Webroot it creates a conflict and asks to select one or the other. I need anti-virus worse than an Ad blocker. Not sure why the Firefox blocker doesn't work because it kills most of the pop-ups, just not this one.
  • If you have windows just use Windows Defender. Free and good enough. Also, you usually can tell virus software to ignore conflicts like this, since you know it isn't a real issue.
  • In this case the choice given was one or the other. Not sure that I trust Microsoft to update anti-virus for Windows 7 which is why I got the Webroot - it is cloud based an community driven like Firefox is. They still support XP.

    May try to see if I can block it on my Mac - eventually this old Laptop is going to give up the ghost.
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