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Would it be possible to add a 'Watch' icon to each item, so that we would need only a quick click it to add that item to our Watch List? I often end up 'watching' a large number of items and such an icon would be a great convenience as opposed to having to click the item to get to the 'Watch' button and then clicking back out to the item list each time.


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  • Looks like you haven't received a response yet. I second this!! And I had not even thought about it before. I am always watching a large number of items (I won't say how many because you'll think I'm crazy!). Ultimately, If it could be introduced as a toggle switch that would be incredible. As it is now if I am watching an item but find and purchase a nicer one, or one that's less expensive, it is cumbersome to go back and find the ones I no longer need and "un-watch" them as is currently the case. Hope this can be instituted.
  • I will 3rd it!
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