Unless I'm missing it, when I switch from being a seller to a buyer and want to check out a seller's neutral and negative feedback (if any), there's no way to find those without scrolling thru pages and pages of their feedback. It would save time if I could just click on their negative feedback total to have all their negatives or neutrals propogated to a single page.


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  • I agree and have asked for this feature before.
  • I would agree, I loved to look at a sellers neutral and negative feedbacks and see if there was a good reason for it or was the buyer being a ...(well you know). wkaj
  • Apologies for the apparent divergence from the primary request, but I consider this to be complementary to what George asked for, so I don't think I'm being that much of a jerk. If others see it otherwise, I do apologize.

    As a seller, I'd like some sort of automatic notification when I receive either neutral or negative feedback, similar to the e-mail I receive when I have a new message. Along with that, I'd like the ability to respond to negative or neutral feedback within the feedback system. There has been at least one occasion where I (appropriately) received negative feedback, but because I saw the negative feedback (the buyer didn't communicate directly with me), I followed up and provided a satisfactory solution to the buyer. I'd like to have the ability to include a response to the feedback, so that when you (as a potential buyer) click on my negative feedback listing, you see the issue (which, as I said, was warranted), but you also see how I responded to it.
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