Scott 1107 Rosecraft first cachet??

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To the FDC experts!
As part of a large dealer lot that I purchased, there was about 20 copies of the Scott 1107 Rosecraft International Geophysical Year (May 31 1958) FDC. The dealer had indicated that it was Rosecraft 1st cachet and I see several folks have the same cover on sale on this site advertised as a 1st cachet.
Rosecraft was a Canadian company and first switched name from JCR to Rosecraft for the Canadian Scott 373 in September 5th 1957. (documented in January 1995 First Days magazine )
My question is, is the "1st" referring to a 1st Rosecraft cachet for a USA stamp and is that normal?


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  • They are using a Mellone's Specialized Cachet Catalog of first day covers of the 1950's which lists it as a 1st cachet. (The Mellone's only catalogs US FDCs)
  • Thanks for the clarification Michael!
    So I presume it would be better for me to clarify in the listing that this is the 1st US Rosecraft FDC?
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    I am pretty sure that'a how it was looked at. Mellone's also gives a number for the cachet if you want to add that to your listing. It's Mellone's number 20. (Mellone's gives each cachet a number that they list and some FDC collectors do use the Mellone's)
  • Thank you again Michael!
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