Deliveries from Europe to US.

What do you hear? Deliveries are delayed? heavily impacted? halted?
I just got a note from a seller in Europe telling me his country's postal service will not accept mail for delivery to the US.


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  • Do you know if they are accepting mail from US? What country was your seller from?
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    I gather it's only one-way postal traffic originating in Europe. My seller is in Romania. He wrote, "postal service is not taking orders for USA," but added, "today it was announced that postal services will not take any international order."
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    So far yesterday 16/03/20 Royal Mail states that they have virus and other related restrictions/delays to only 23 countries worldwide.12 of the countries on the list are on-going and long term restrictions/delays. Of the remaining 12 countries 5 are restricted specifically due to "infectious deseases" (corona virus) the others are due to flights being temporary suspended or limited and due to Customs delays. International mail which does not require a signature seems to be less widely affected.

    If the total of countries with restrictions reaches the 70 mark (almost a third of the worlds countries) then I would see no point in posting anything. However - we are not there yet?
    I'm still posting overseas, sent items (eBay) to Spain and the USA yesterday with no trouble at the Post Office. I messaged both customers that there was a chance that their order might take 30+ days to arrive? Both customers got back to me saying that they completely understand the current situation and were prepared to be patient.

    Unless RM restrictions get much worse - I won't be suspending International Shipping.
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    With regard to domestic UK deliveries Royal Mail are still delivering post every day. The only change being that with Signed-for mail the reciprient is no longer allowed to sign for the item. The postman asks the name of the person at the door and signs the device for them "on behalf of" to avoid hand to hand/hand to device contact. It is not clear if this is Royal Mail staff "policy" or just measures taken by the postmen/women individually? My postman now does this and friends and family have reported the same.
  • Thanks for the update. My pending shipment is to the UK.
    In my post 5 posts above line 3 should read "Of the remaining *11* countries.......".
  • All I heard is Poland post offices are shut down for the moment, not sure about other EU countries.
  • It's going to be interesting. I have shipments coming from Sweden and Australia. I was going to place an order with Nordfrim but I think I will hold up on that for awhile.
  • Got my Australia shipment today along with one from Thailand
  • UPDATE: Royal Mail have increased the number of counties with restrictions and delays to 92. of these 92 countries 31 have had all RM services suspended

    With regard to sales. I have had no international sales from any source in the past week. UK domestic delivery so far not effected with daily deliveries and collections.

    Keep safe everyone!
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