Belgium, but what Sc. #?

This appears to be a Scott A108/A386 type, but the denomination and color don't match any listings I can see. What do you think?


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  • Is it as simple as 402? great centering
  • 402 is exactly right. That was apparently the first stamp of this type to be issued, and it's listed in Scott separately from all the rest of the A108s. Missed it. Thanks.
  • I'm not a specialist at all, but I was recently trying to organize a number of Belgium stamps of this design recently, and the similar design where the country name is in a banner. Much craziness ensued. There are so many listings and disparate numbers in the catalog, some only in booklet panes, along with others showing the King etc. I think I finally figured out which were which but it took some doing.
  • But it was all fun, right, Micky?
  • Absolutely!
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