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I have some items that I thought were to be discounted at 15 %. I had an $18.00 item sell for $8.62 - that's about 48%. Actually 6 items were sold at this price. What can I do about this? One of the item ids is 31742377


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  • You have two choices. You either honor those sales, as most sellers would, or you can cancel the sale which will make your buyers very unhappy. The choice is yours.
  • Some more info - the buyer tells me that the ultra-reduced price didn't show up until he checked that he wanted 3 copies of the item.
    You would just send out the stamps and write it off to keep your good name??? And then abruptly cancel your sale??? After you've posted a note about it in the promos section of the forums?
    I will honor the sale as I set it up, there have been a good deal of other items that have sold at the correct discount.
    I don't think this was a mistake on my part, why should I pay for a mistake that was not my fault? If I cancel it and tell the buyer and he's upset, I will refer him to hip.
  • Yes I would write it off to protect my good name. I didn't suggest you should cancel your store sale, but only the 6 sales you apparently don't want to honor. I would also review my other listings to see if the mistake was perhaps mine. If in fact the buyer expected to pay a higher price for the 3 copies, then I'm sure he wouldn't mine paying for the difference.
  • OK, I apologize for my outburst. Rough week.
  • The buyer is not responsible for, nor obligated to make up for, any mistakes, whether on the part of the seller or HipStamp. He conducted the transaction legally and in good faith. When was the last time Wal-Mart or Kroger came to you after a sale and said, hey, wait a inute, we had the wrong price showing on the shelf tag; you owe us more money, or give us back our milk? Of course - never. And you wouldn't stand for it if they did.

    Don't be so quick to deny any mistake on your part. Stuff happens. Live and learn.
  • As a buyer, if I expected to pay 50 cent each for 3 items and was told my total cost for 3 items would be 90 cents, I would willing pay the original $1.50 when told an error had been made calculating the total price.

    If, as stated in this example, the price actually dropped significantly after the quantity buy, then I see nothing wrong with asking for more money. Unless, you forgot you also had a special promotion previously in place providing for additional discounts with a multiple item purchase. Could this possibly have happened?
  • To be clear, I do not blame the buyer or would not think of penalizing him in any way. If he would be nice enough to offer to pay the difference I would take it but I would not demand it of him.
    I have once set up a sale with a discount if a certain amount was purchased but everything else I have done is just a flat percentage type of sale.

    I don't deny any mistake on my part. However, this is one of the reasons I keep it simple. I have gone over it but cannot imagine how I could make this happen. The only other party involved is hip, and I have started a ticket with them.
    I expect to hear from them with what they find. If they find a problem on their end then I would expect them to make up the difference somehow. If they don't then they don't. Hip has always been a good place for people like myself who do this for a hobby and not to make a living. For you folks the amount of money involved is not worth bothering with and I guess its not all that big of a hit to me either. But its a lot bigger for me than for you.
    I don't care for the "your sale, your problem" jab, I think you people could do better than that. What would you do if you had 3 $2000 items that sold for $3000? Would your pals say "suck it up"? Would you sit back and say "oh well"? But that's different, yeah.
    I will be closing my little store in a week or so, so I don't stand to lose much more, actually I think none at all. So I really don't care all that much. Back in the Stampwants days people used to be friendly, I miss those days and that's one of the reasons I'm quitting here. I have hardly used the forums here for this reason.
    You can get back to your bigtime-dealer discussions and you won't be bothered with me anymore.
    Good riddance, huh?
    But if it is a bug I am sure hip will find it and fix it, for everybody's sake, not just for me.

    I want to thank Hip for being such a good place, for making it fun for little guys like myself through the years, and balancing also while doing the same for the rest of you. Good-by, all!
  • It looks like you had discounts setup on individual items, but also additional discounts set up on the order total for qualifying orders - which would have created a situation where items are placed on sale, and then the buyer would then additionally be eligible to receive a further discount on their order at checkout as well.

    I've asked our team to follow-up with you, to provide more assistance on setting up sales, etc.
  • Sorry you think my comments weren't friendly. They were meant to provide you my advice on your situation. Most posters here are from the Stampwants days and still provide good and valuable advice. I am puzzled by your comment.

    "I don't care for the "your sale, your problem" jab, I think you people could do better than that."

    I don't see that language mentioned anywhere in this thread. Also to clarify, I don't have $2,000 listings. My highest is $1,295 with less than 75 stamps listed above $100. Over 60% of my listings are priced at 10 cents or less.

    Glad Mark was able to verify, as I had suspected, the additional discounts were the result of added incentives you had offered and not a problem with the system.
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