Any information about this stamp please? Thanks!


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    Warning that the overprints on these stamps have been widely counterfeited.

    I looked at a couple of references I have on this stamp. I believe that the stamp is genuine, and so is the overprint.
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    Thanks Michael, that was really helpful. Am not sure about how genuine the overprint is, am not an expert but just a collector. The stamp was inherited alongside a hoard of Russian stamps from an elderly family member, he collected them while he was studying in Russia during the 70's. What part of Russia was under British occupation, am just curious?
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    Batumi extract from Wikipedia:

    On March 3, 1918, the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk gave the city back to the Ottoman Empire; unrest during the closing weeks of World War I led to the re-entry of Turkish forces in April 1918, followed in December by British forces, who stayed until July 1920. Kemal Atatürk ceded the area to the Bolsheviks of the Soviet Union on the condition that it be granted autonomy, for the sake of the Muslims among Batumi's mixed population.

    Stamps of Batum were issued under the administration of British forces which occupied Batum between December, 1918, and July 1920, following the Treaty of Versailles
  • Eyad, from my documentation, the stamp and the overprint match the images and descriptions for the originals. The signs of counterfeits are not there.

    For the genuine stamps of the Ruble values, the bottom of the "KA" letters in the top scroll touch. The vertical outer frame line at the upper right corner of the stamp does not extend past the horizontal frame line.

    While I also looked at the characteristics of the overprint, which looked fine, the references stated that if the stamp is genuine, the overprint is genuine. Still, one should look at the overprint too regardless.
  • Thanks a lot Michael, don't know how to appreciate your valuable comments and guiding.
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