Cocos Islands

I just noticed that the Cocos Islands are listed under Central and South America. I had not seen this before, but in any event, that is incorrect. The Cocos Islands are in the Indian Ocean, and are a dependency of Australia.


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  • Way way back in March 2017, Mark posted regarding this when it was first raised by Ralph_Anavy:

    "Actually Cocos (Keeling) Islands is correctly listed under Australia - it's a sub-category, which is automatically assigned based on when you enter in the country as either Cocos Islands or Cocos (Keeling) Islands or Keeling Islands.

    However, there is another Cocos Island in Central & South America - but I don't believe they issue stamps, so we actually just need to remove this to avoid confusion. We'll look into this further soon."

    Over three years since it was reported and would be looked into "further soon". That seems to fit with the usual HipStamp definition of 'soon'.
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