Stamp conditions.

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Why do certain dealers that list items on Hipsamp insist on listing items that are quite clearly in a very poor condition,i.e. corners missing,cuts,tears,creases,etc I enjoy looking at listings by the other dealers but it always makes me angry when I see what could be a nice stamp in such a poor condition.


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  • This type stamp is listed for the same reason as MNH stamps with perfect centering. A market exists for them. Not everyone can afford to purchase quality stamps. Some start out with "fillers" until they can afford better quality stamps.
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    I kind of see it like Craigslist for stamps sometimes. On Craigslist, more often than not, you will see an old rusty tool or old table listed for just a ridiculously dumb high price. It makes me laugh , honestly. I see the same online sometimes as a runty, torn little common stamp being sold by someone with NO clue. It's just amusing. Just enjoy the hobby, makes it
  • What's wrong with it?????? (tongue-in-cheek)
  • Stock photo, no less!
  • For those that are into numerical grades for stamps would this be an example to introduce negative numbers?
  • There are some clubs that solicit such stamps for use in juvenile detention centers; not sure what exact use they have (i.e. merit awards, teaching topics, etc). I sent a few hundred out a couple of years ago and got a nice letter and school info in return.
    Another use is for art decoupage (look at the Etsy site where they are sold by colors).
    I used to sort kiloware and throw such items away but now I put them in small box and when I run across duplicates of common definitives or foreign material I donate them when the box is full.
  • Allen, that is such a GOOD idea
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