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Mark, one of the finest features your other platform had was the wonderful feature which shared with all the Statistics and progression of growth!

I'm sure you remember what I speak of, and if not, I'll help you...

Total Stamps Listed:
Total Stamps Sold:
Total Value Sold This Month:
Total Value Sold Since (2006?):

I remember revisiting this data daily, and it sure boosted my moral when I sold even a single stamp! I was able to be proud of the fact that my little contribution added to these totals! Ad that is what it is all about! Personal Pride!

Just my $0.02, I hope will be implemented in the future.

Best to all with the Grand Opening of HipStamps, and Andrea & myself are Proud to be on board!

Michael & Andrea


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  • One thing I used was the total # of members on site at the time. I was listing 1,000 stamps at a time and refrained from listing when there were a lot of people on as it changed the sort pages.
    Paul Cook
  • Great feedback and ideas!

    Paul - if you wouldn't mind, could you explain in more detail what you meant by "as it changed the sort pages". I'm curious to understand this better.
  • Thanks Paul, I forgot all about that important feature! The number of Active Members online, as well as the number of total Users Registered. That Homepage was full of wonderful data!

    I guess that was a good feature for yourself, uploading a thousand listings at a time, that would bog down the system if there were many people in BidStart searching the stores. I can only assume this is where you were aiming for with your response.
  • That brings up a good point. On bidStart, anything you do in "bulk" generally locks you out of the system entirely, and as Michael pointed out may also slow down the overall system. Which is why here at HipStamp, I ensured that all "bulk" activity is placed into a queue to be executed as appropriate on the backend. So for example, with our Bulk Lister, if you upload 1,000 or 1,000,000 lots - you won't be locked out of the system while they're uploading, and you can move about / check back on the progress later.
  • Mark,
    When I was listing say 40 of 1 Catalouge #.Lets say # 220 if someone was looking at # 221 so they were on page 10.if they refreshed the pageafter my listing. they would then find the #221 on page 11
  • Ahh! Ok, now I get it!
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