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This morning I got offers on 4 stamps in my listings (I mean, come on, who offers 22-cents on a 24-cent stamp??) which i immediately declined for two reasons: First, my prices are already lower than most for the same issues in the same grade, and more importantly, I never checked the box to turn on 'make offer' on any listing...ever ! The only thing I can think of that happened is that I clicked on the field while making the listing so scroll would work, and the system decided I was checking the 'make offer' box, which on its own really pisses me off.

I just disabled 'make offer' manually on a handful of my listings where I found this activated, which neccesitated editing each damn page one at a time (yeah, I'm aggravated), and clearly, this is only the case in a minority of my listings, so...

my question is this: Is there some way to disable (edit) the 'make offer' in bulk on all those listings in my store that show this option?

Follow up: I think I found how to do this via the 'bulk edit' but when I went there, the 'make offer' box was already un-checked (does this mean I manually cleared the ones that were checked with none remaining?). I reapplied it anyway, so is there any way to check that this has been accomplished without looking at each and every listing?


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  • Go to members area > Selling, scroll down on right to Show only > offers Accepted
  • I’ve also posted about this same issue in the past. The clickable area around the Accept Offers button, on the listing form, is far too wide.
  • I could try offering you 23 cents and see if it would show.....but then you might just accept just to spite me. Seriously, I've encountered the same unintentional activation of "make offer" during listing episodes. Similarly I reasoned I accidentally hit that button during the process and, like you, had to go back and edit each one by one. It's possible that you and I, George, are the only ones to which this has happened. In that case we can blame it on inheriting a heavy dose of Neanderthal genes unlike Ted, the Cromagnon.
  • Me Neanderthal, too. I just found 9 of my own listings with offers accepted, all between 25c and a dollar.
  • Me Neanderthal, too. I just found 9 of my own listings with offers accepted.
  • Hi Guys
    I get this also, I have never used the Make an Offer sometimes when I am listing I have seen Make an Offer tick appear
    The worst part is when I use list a similar item this make an offer will appear on all listings in that batch.
    It would be good if at the last page Make an offer is shown as well as the title then we can correct this, before listing

    Tony H
  • hey i just bought 5 items and made 3 offers. i hope i was not out of line
    peace brotherhood
  • Not out of line at all. Some sellers like to use the 'make offer' option. The original point of this thread was to complain about the 'make offer' option being turned on, on some listing where it wasn't intended to be.
  • I am considering making an offer for an item priced at $$$$ - would this be out of line as there is no "make an offer" button for this item?
    Thanks for your advice!
  • Normally this is not done ...... unless you are offering $$$$$
  • Thanks for the answer Ron
  • Same here - just got an offer and I have never knowingly clicked anywhere near the link. Is there any way that I can find any other listings that might have been impacted by a "drive by" make offer click. Sent the question to Customer Service but didn't get the usual auto acknowledgement so not sure what gives now they have discouraged questions...And it used to be such a nice friendly place.....guess the personal touch goes out with growth.
    What a shame.
  • Carol:
    In your store go to the left hand menu near the bottom and tick off "offers accepted" that will show only the items in your store with offers being accepted.
  • Thank you very much Michael. I have some work to do !!!!! Guess I need to play around with those buttons again ...

  • Hi kids,
    What is so wrong with making offers?
    If an item lists make an offer, that tells me the actual price is lower than the asking price. Therefore, I should offer less and start negotiations. And this applies to low priced stamps also.
    Now, if it doesn't list make an offer, that should not preclude potential buyers from making one anyways via the question link.
    As to whether a seller accepts any offer, that's totally up to them. Same goes for if and how a seller responds to the buyer.
    A recent personal example. I came across a cover that I liked because it was addressed to a famous person. It also had a US #1 and a letter. I inquired about wanting to see the letter and ask for possible reduction in price. The seller responded to me that the letter could now be seen on the listing and thanked me for my interest but did not mention price. I looked at it again, read the letter and bought the item for asking price.
    You just never know.
  • Carol:
    As an alternate you can go into selling listings, select all and use the bulk edit function to turn off "offers accepted" for all and save

    There is nothing wrong in the principal of make an offer. The problem on HipStamp is that it is a royal pain to go through hundreds of offers individually. Changes were suggested years ago to allow the sellers to make bulk acceptances or declines but I have not seen any announcement to that effect, therefore I do not use the feature
  • Michael:

    What am I missing? I went to bulk edit and it appears I can add "accept offers" to all my listings, but I didn't see where I can delete them from those currently set up in error.
  • Untick the accept offers box so that it is blank and do an update. That will remove all accept offers in your store, presuming that you have selected all listings
  • Michael, I guess I was commenting more on the exchange between Kumar and Ron about 4-figure priced items.
    On expensive items, I will sometimes make an offer even without it being solicited. But not on common or inexpensive ones.
    I see your point though. I didn't consider all the trouble it causes if someone were to make 100 separate offers of $0.23 on stamps priced at $0.25 each.
    There's 2 sides to every story.
    I just think a buyer should be able to ask a seller any question about a stamp, including price, and get a reply.
  • Thanks Michael. Didn't realize that would do it.
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