Enable use of HTML in Descriptions

I would like to make part of my description text Bold so it stands out to the customer. It would be very easy to do this if HTML was actually used when the description is displayed, but it doesn't seem to be because my HTML tags are not saved when I add them. Can this be changed in the future?



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  • Probably not. Once you allow HTML, it's like opening Pandora's box. Dealer's start designing all kinds of garish listings that only serve to make the whole site look bad.
  • The early days of Ebay with the music, gifs,etc - right out of a carnival midway ..... it was beyond garish....
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    True, but all I want is the Bold tag. I have noted since I wrote this that the Beak tag actually works in the description, so it wouldn't be the first HTML to be allowed actually. Typing it here I found works here too.
  • HTML can be used here in the Forums, I have found, but not in a Listing.

    You may see boldface text as you are typing your description, but it does not remain when the Listing is submitted for others to see.

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    The reason I would like to use Bold is that I want to highlight the fact that I have generic item listings to the customer. This enables me to list very low value items that people can't find/pick anywhere else online. Hipstamp's store pricing structure helps to make this possible as well.
  • I agree with Carol & Ted on this subject, but when it was decided that the new site was not going to support HTML I was stunned: shock-horror! I thought, I could not believe it.
    BUT now that I see what a clean, tidy and uniform look that the site has, I love it.
    It looks much more professional.
  • Rendering markdown is much more favorable.
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