removing hinged stamps

Can you safely remove hinged stamps from an album page without damaging the album?


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  • Probably not easily
  • To remove hinges from an album page I take my tongs and on the flat end I rub it across the stamp. It breaks up the gum.
  • Yes, but you have to be CAREFUL. If you see that the hinges do not remove easily use a moist q-tip. Place the wet part on the Hinge, NOT the page to moisten (Use very little water, don't soak it too much and keep the moisture only on the hinge ) and gently remove it. After the hinge is removed dab the page with paper, toilet roll absorbs nicely. (oh, if you find any!!! lol). Practice your technique on a few unimportant pages to get satisfactory results, don't rush. This is very time consuming but.....
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