Images of Books on Stamps

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I am interested in putting a collection of stamps together that have images of books together for my sister, an independent bookstore owner.
I am having trouble searching as I only get books of stamps or books on stamps.
Anybody seen any stamps that depict books, bookstores, booksellers?


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  • She might like US 2785-88 which depicts some classic books
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    One set that comes to mind is a Nicaraguan group of airmails devoted to fictional mystery detectives (Sc. Nos. C801-C812). France has issued at least three different stamps on bookbinding (search "bookbinding"), and there's one from Canada (Sc. #1673). Poland 1711-1717 sort of (?) fits the bill. See also Malta 423-4, Netherlands B549, US 1585, 3185i.
  • Susie, do you want, specifically, inages of books? What about stamps depicting scenes from books, such as USA 1470

    Or Russia 5826a depicting James Fenimore Cooper’s Last of the Mohicans?

  • Iceland 278 & 281books
  • 85037856425e22301acc2b8b80295b5a-300

    Search "book" and filter it for "Topicals" you will find many examples.
  • Here are a few more that might be of interest: Austria 1199, Brazil 2392-4, Bulgaria 1759, Canada B22, Chile 359, China (PRC) 4354, Egypt 1560, France 1213 & B544, Germany DDR 1393, Guinea 336-9, Iceland 400-401, Italy 836, Liechtenstein 667, Netherlands B565-8, New Zealand 728, Norway 828, Portugal 891, Russia 1746 & 2189, Rwanda 507, Venezuela 857-9 & C852-3.
  • you may try the ATA they have lists of stamps by topical here is the site

  • Good Morning Susie, Have you considered expanding to include Writers & Authors? Many come to mind... Conan Doyle, The Georges Simeon joint issue. The 1996 Europa joint issue theme was Famous Women & many nations picked Writers. Some wonderful global culture there. I would also suggest you consider turn of the century "Illustrated Advertising Covers"
    You can go from a simple Book Store Corner Card Return to spectacular color engraving art work. Good Luck in this venture.. Dan
  • Hi Susie,
    A few GB stamps to add to the list (all SG #, sorry I don't know the Scott #): 1384-5 Welsh Bible, 2116 King James Bible, 2121 Book - good image!, 2236 open book, 1196 IT (library in centre panel), 2750-6 Harry Potter book covers, 2797-2802 James Bond covers, 2894 Penguin book and 3999-4006 Ladybird books. All these show books on the stamps. Expanding to illustrations from books, authors, characters - endless!
    With all those listed by everyone here, you should be able to give your sister a small album full!
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