Modern self-adhesive stamps

Not even sure of the terminology. I'm referring to peel and stick stamps, as opposed to lick and stick ones.
How are mint singles separated? By that I mean, how do you cut them without cutting off the perfs? Or the perfs of adjoining stamp? If you peel the stamp away from the backing and cut the backing, don't the perfs stick out past the backing? And because the back of the perfs are sticky, don't they pick up lint and paper fibers or stick together? I understand that some stamps are printed spaced out on the sheet with blank space between stamps, making them easy to cut out, like the round chrysanthemums. But what about the ones where the stamps are right next to each other, with interlocking perfs like in booklets?


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  • You have asked a tough question. Personally, it is THE major reason I have altogether stopped collecting US stamps after 2000. First, the printing on most is fuzzy, the topics are pop culture, non historic and politically correct and the expense reflects an overt attempt to just milk me of my dollars. Pre 2000 US stamps, especially US stamps from 1890s up to the 1980's are a great period because you will learn SO much history. I would be interested in the response from others though. Just my ranting opinion.
  • With self-adhesive stamps, the safest way is to use the stamps around the one you want to retain for your collection for postage, leaving only backing paper around your stamp. Then you can use scissors to cut around your stamp without damaging the die cuts (perforations).
    then you have two options:
    1) leave the stamp on the backing paper and put it into your album. The upside here is not having to deal with the adhesive on the back of your stamp. The downside is that this method adds bulk to your collection since you have an extra layer. Or...
    2) Peel the stamp off of the backing paper, and then, using gentle finger pressure and lukewarm water, rub the adhesive off of the back. Some collectors use Orange Solvent to help remove the adhesive. Others then sprinkle talcum powder on the back to eliminate any residual stickiness. Downside: its messy, the stamps can be damaged, and some stickiness remains on many issues in spite of one's best efforts.
    For me, the first option is way better.
  • I use George's option no. 1. "Self-adhesive" is the proper term, by the way. You may see it as "s/a" (as opposed to "w/a", water-activated).
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    Chad Snee,, then the Scott Catalogue editor told me that a self adhesive stamp must have not been removed from the backing paper in order to be considered MNH. If the stamp was removed, and re-attached to backing paper, then it is considered unused.
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