Is there any problem on the message system?

This month I have sent 3 messages, 2 to buyers (about shipping issue, since the airmail service is suspended in many places due to the COVID-19, I need to ask them if they accept posting by surface mail, or they would wait for the airmail service to resume) and 1 is a reply to a question. So far no one replies at all (one message has been sent for nearly 3 weeks, and I re-sent but still no reply). Keeps me thinking if the receivers can get my message at all. Any one has the same experience, and what can I do?


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  • More than likely they have not read the message. If you do not regularly check into the system through the "Members Area" you can go weeks before noticing the small "1" in the message reminder at top right. I have done so myself - it is very easy to miss. If you go to "My sent messages" it lists your messages. If the little box to the left of the message is dark than it is simply unread. They should also have received a message in their regular email that they have a message but again - a lot of times I hust click through something like that....
  • Thanks Carol, that is likely to be the case, I also count on the email notification so I know I receive messages.
    I am not sure if I should still wait for the buyers' reply before posting the items by surface mail (since airmail as I wrote in the shipping instructions is not available, and is unsure when to be resumed). One of the 2 purchases was in early May.
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