Can anyone suggest some standard "short" versions of these catalogs?

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    I apologize for resurrecting this thread from so long ago, but I'm getting ready to list up some early France, and I'm planning on including catalog numbers from a number of different catalogs ... Scott (as I'm US-based), Yvert & Tellier, Michel, and Maury. Can anyone suggest some standard "short" versions of these catalogs? Here are my guesses (I'm including other catalogs, to allow for a more-comprehensive list):

    Sc: Scott (although I won't include this, as Scott is the presumed default for a catalog number)
    SG: Stanley Gibbons
    YT: Yvert & Tellier
    Mi: Michel
    Ma: Maury / Spink

    I don't know if "Ma" makes sense or not for Maury, and I'm not sure if I want to use "YT" or "Y&T" (also, does the "&" create issues with how it will be read?).

    Any suggestions are appreciated.

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