Fractional weights for shipping calculator

Could we add the ability to use fractional weights for an item so that the shipping calculator can be more accurate?

I know if you use flat rate postage costs you can use fractions in the 'Postage for each additional item" section to indicate an additional fee for a certain number of items ($.20/15 used to add 20 cents for every 15 additional items). Can we set it up so we can enter weights as 1oz/15 items?

Recently I had a customer order 65 plate blocks which I was able to ship as a 4 oz package for $4.20. Unfortunately, the postage calculator on hipstamp thought it was going to be a 65 oz package and charged more for the the postage than the stamps themselves. The buyer was pre-approved so I was able to go in and edit the purchase to reflect the real postage before he paid. However, my transaction fee was calculated based upon the inflated postage price and not the actual postage rate I charged and the buyer paid. So my transaction fee for this order was over 16%!


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