Bid Rescind

Hi All!
I'm new here and have only just started a small collection of stamps. I'm not sure how this happened, but I just checked my account and it says I have 3 bids getting ready to close out in the next 24 hrs. I don't recall having made any bids, but I checked them and they were bids in the 40-60 dollar range that I don't remember making. Since I'm starting out obviously I'm really only making small purchases, just to get myself acquainted with everything. I have had overwhelmingly positive experiences with sellers, and I have reached out to the seller, but is there any way if this happens to rescind a bid I feel like was made in error? I know how inconvenient and frustrating it is to have bidee's who don't pay so I guess I'm just trying to see what I can do in the future to make it go away, and I obviously don't want a bad reflection or suspension on my account for something like this. Thanks in advance for any advice!


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  • Each item has a "contact seller" or message option. Try that. Always go to that default. AND...someone on your account needs to figure out how to bid because there is usually a confirm bid option.
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