Erroneous auction item not corrected

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I contacted a seller about an auction item that was erroneously described. After three days, with no change in the listing, I reported the false listing to a site administrator using the mechanism provided for that purpose. The listing remains uncorrected, after five days and with four days remaining until the auction period ends. The lack of a timely correction is undermining my confidence in the site integrity.


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  • What was the nature off the erroneous description?
  • The stamp is listed as Canada #9, which is a 6 1/2 pence stamp. The stamp being sold is the same color and design as #9 but is a 12 cent stamp. If you search for Canada #9, you will see that several are being offered, all others are 6 1/2 pence but the one in question is distinct.
  • Excuse me, the stamp being sold is a 12 1/2 cent stamp.
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    It looks to be Canada #18, pictured in the listing. No one has bid on it yet and hopefully no one will. The opening bid asked is much more than the value of Canada #18. It was probably an honest mistake, or it could be the wrong picture and they really are selling a Canada #9. Don't know why it wasn't corrected when Alvin pointed it out, maybe seller doesn't check email. Bidder beware, I guess.
  • Looks to be an imperforate variety of #18, but Scott only lists a value for vertical or horizontal pairs of the imperforate #18 because singles are easy to fake. So, the stamp being sold probably has little value. The opening bid specified is consistent with some of the more modestly priced #9's. "Bidder beware" is not a good enough answer for a site that relies on a reputation for integrity. I did get a response this morning from a site administrator that they are "looking into it," which will satisfy my concern as long as the listing comes down before the auction ends and any bidder that emerges before that is permitted to rescind their bid.
  • Issue has now been addressed by the vendor. Thanks!
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