US 554D


Greetings all. Looking for a 2nd-9th opinion. My eyes may be decieving me but am I counting 10 perforations at the bottom? Thanks in advance!


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  • Hi Ron,

    It looks like a Scott #583 which is perf 10 horiz. and vertical.


  • Hi Larry thanks for the reply...First thing my name is Ray. :) Ron is my dad though...I'm still counting 10x11. Capture
  • Hi Ray,

    Do you not have a peroration gauge (it measures the spacing between the perforations)? You cannot just count the perfs,, a Scott #583 will have 10 at the bottom and 11 on the side, because the height of the stamp is larger than the width.

  • I have a crude one from the 60s and EZ perf as well...I'll run it through and see what it tells me
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