Thank you HipStamp Sellers!

Not sure if this is appropriate but I couldn't let this milestone pass without comment. It has been a year ago that I dusted off my old collection and took a chance on buying a few U.S. stamps on this site to start filling holes in my Liberty album. I considered myself very lucky to have started with LStefanick, who was professional, responsive, had great prices, and didn't seem to mind all the low-value stamps I needed! Since then I have bought from 40+ buyers, won and lost several dozen auctions, completed pages of my album I thought would remain blank forever, and expanded my interests to other countries - all on a very modest budget. And one good experience started it all! I wish there was a Hall of Fame for sellers on this site - I could easily put two dozen of my favorite sellers on it right now; but I realize how quickly that might be abused. I'll just say thank you to those sellers that always give great service, grade their stamps fairly, ship them quickly, and communicate with their buyers if there are any issues. You know who you are and I hope you know that it is appreciated!


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