Scotch tape on stamps

This is surely an old topic - but has anyone figured out if there's a way to remove sticky tape from the face of a stamp?
I look forward to your assorted, humorous responses anyway,


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    Take a match and light the stamp on fire until the tape is consumed. Works every time and usually without a trace of anything. And then shoot the idiot who put the tape there.
  • Although Wayne's process is effective, you can save time by shooting the idiot with black powder. Use the stamp as a patch when loading and both issues are solved with a single pull of the trigger.
  • Excellent George, Neat and effective. both ways.
  • Did I mention the stamps were on an order sent by a Hipstamp retailer?
  • send the picture, i have got to to see this.
  • On an order, as in on the outside of the envelope? Or in an order, as in the stamp you bought?
    Either way, there's no need for violence, yet.
  • John - fortunately - on the outside. I love it when vendors adorn the envelopes with older stamps, because I'll either save them complete as postal history, or I'll attempt to lift them off.
  • Rene, no can do I'm afraid. I have all ready followed actions similar to those suggested by Wayne and George.
    What were your thoughts were I able to send a photo?
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