Lots of stamps and need help!

My father recently passed and left me with more stamps than I know what to do with. I know enough to be dangerous, but there is still so much more I have to learn. I want to ensure that anything I sell is appropriately priced. I have several imperforate and spliced coils, but it's hard for me to tell using the Scott Catalog of errors what some of these may be worth. Can folks please take a look and perhaps help me out? Willing to sell as well for a reasonable price, but I want to be able to identify exactly what I'm looking at and what the cost may be.

For example, Scott 1906b is the electric auto, but what makes the stamp in the picture "valuable"? It looks like it's way off-centered Same for 1898ad, the stagecoach. Scott 2280 - the US flag over Yosemit, has a blue line in the flag (discernable when I zoom in) and then there is a coil of improperly spliced flags. See images and let me know, folks! Thanks.u_0001
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