Shipping delays

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I'm a buyer, and I've bought from sellers in several countries in the past few months (on Hipstamp, as well as other marketplaces). Out of curiosity, I've been tracking the time each shipment takes to arrive.

This is what I've experienced so far. Green have been delivered and red are still on the way.

I'm not trying to criticize any sellers or postal authorities - just presenting the data for the sake of curiosity. No doubt it mirrors what the rest of you are seeing.

(I've excluded my most recent orders.)



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  • It's probably not the sellers. Mail delivery time has been very erratic due to covid. Especially packages and "flats". At one point there were several semi trailers full of packages at one USPS station, and they had been there for at least two months. Some countries have been on-and-off with "no delivery" to or from the USA.
  • Yeah, it’s definitely not the sellers.
  • Whats interesting is that NO Covid is spread on mail ( no science there ) and there is no epidemic among postal workers en masse , compared to the rest of the population. I fear the “pandemic” is an excuse to just not toil as vigorously as before .
  • " I fear the “pandemic” is an excuse to just not toil as vigorously as before ." Also has to do with the new directives stating that there will be no overtime to "catch up". If sorting is not complete they now have to drop it and complete it the next day - ..also dealing with the ever changing situation with foreign countries having no transportation in or out ...... this lisst was current on July 17th

    "Today, there are dozens of nations that still have no flights int. Be advice not to sell or buy stamps on those nations.
    Here's a list of those nations listed by the United States Postal (USPS):

    International Mail Service Suspensions
    Updated: July 17, 2020
    The Postal Service™ is temporarily suspending international mail acceptance for certain destinations due to service impacts related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
    Suspension Due to Foreign Postal Operator Service Suspension.

    South Africa
    Dominican Republic
    Suspension Due to Unavailability of Transportation
    French Guiana
    French Polynesia
    New Caledonia
    Turks & Caicos
    Papua New Guinea
    Republic of Congo
    Cayman Islands
    Ivory Coast
    Sierra Leone
    Cook Islands
    Sint Maarten
    Costa Rica
    Solomon Islands
    South Sudan
    Democratic Republic of the Congo

    Customers: please refrain from mailing items addressed to the countries listed here, until further notice.

    These service disruptions affect Priority Mail Express International® (PMEI), Priority Mail International® (PMI), First-Class Mail International® (FCMI), First-Class Package International Service® (FCPIS®), International Priority Airmail® (IPA®), International Surface Air Lift® (ISAL®), and M-Bag® items".
  • Mail is very erratic, for instance a UK order mailed 07/20 was received yesterday 0/27, meanwhile an Australian order shipped on June 3rd was also received 07/20....but other Australian customers advised receiving their orders in the normal 2 weeks time frame. Meanwhile a NY customer complained he still was waiting for his order after 3 weeks
  • Sending from the UK to Canada has been VERY slow.
  • Just got word from a customer of delivery of an order to Wisconsin on Aug 1 that was postmarked Fort Worth July 14.
    18 days.
    I mailed a packet with tracking a week or so ago that took 3 days just to get out of the station I mailed it from in Fort Worth.
  • It's sure hit or miss! I've seen delays too . . .

    . . .but a Large Flat I mailed last Friday in Los Angeles was delivered in Eastern PA the following Monday! 3 days! Over a weekend!!
  • I've had no issues and like Dave, many of my items go across the country in 3-4 days. Even trans-Atlantic items seem to get delivered quickly, with most of the items I send to the UK arriving in 5 days. Its got to be local or sorting facility issues for those of us experiencing large delays...
  • I live in Michigan and the amount of problems we have shipping and receiving packages is ridiculous. If your package gets delayed in Allen Park expect to wait a month to get it. I’ve had 7 packages take a little over a month to receive and 1 take over 2 months. (These are all domestic as well). I get they have delays but I would assume that means a few days..not weeks. Main problem seems to be first class and envelopes here.
  • I am posting this just for reference, so people know the kind of delays to expect:
    I received an order today, Aug 7, an order from Israel, mailed May 29 - 10 weeks.
  • I received an order yesterday from Great Britain posted July 29 !. . . that's just 8 days from England to here in Los Angeles!
  • I sent a package to Nova Scotia that I sold on the Bay and shipped on 7-24. It says it was delivered on 8-6 but it was before that because the buyer left feedback on 8-4.
  • On the other hand, a parcel I mailed to Tijuana, Mexico on March 18, has not arrived yet. I'm still hoping for a happy ending (no, Ron. Just, no.), as the recipient says he has had as long as a 5 month delivery time, for a packet he sent to Philippines.
  • Just got a negative feedback from someone in Arizona, because he hasn't received his order mailed August 1st! I have mailed orders to Great Britain, France which is not the fastest and even one in Hong Kong and they usually make it in a week, but I guess Arizona has a different service, because in California, nobody ever made a complaint.
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    Jacques, it's actually a neutral fb. Still, it's unwarranted.
  • I thought a "Black dot" was a negative? I had a couple of "Neutrals" which were ID'd by a white dote
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    Negative fb is denoted by a white bar on a red field. You have not ever received a negative fb. Congratulations. :smiley:
  • Definitely a USPS problem. Let me share a recent example: packet mailed to me in Miami from NJ on Aug 6th. Went from local post office to Newark regional facility then to Greenville SC regional facility to Columbia SC regional facility back to Newark for some reason. Then back to Columbia. Then to Miami regional facility only to be routed to Opa-Locka regional facility (north of Miami which equals wrong direction!). Then, to add insult to injury up to West Palm Beach regional facility. Then back to Miami and finally to my post office. Delivered today Aug 13th - 7 days later after crazy routing and bouncing around in South Florida. This was a Priority Mail packet. My understanding is that a regular first class mail envelope still is processed within 2-3 days and no extra charges. This seems the way to go these days. Save your shipping money.
  • Well, the Postal Service isn't in the news very often, but it sure is lately. Seems like most people blame President Trump for wrecking the USPS. Some say, on purpose. All I know is that my own mail service is unpredictable and I don't like it. I was sent 2 small first class mail packages in cardboard envelopes from the same sender recently. The first package mailed, took 3 weeks to arrive. The second, which was mailed a week after the first, arrived before it, in only a week. I use the word "only" facetiously as it's domestic first class mail.
    What do the readers of this post think is really going on?
  • I placed a domestic order on June 19 and still have not received it. When should I consider contacting the seller about this?
  • What's really going on?
    Trump has admitted he is withholding funding to try to prevent mail-in voting, and the new Postmaster General is a big Trump donor who has been taking automated sorting machines offline, removing blue dropboxes from the streets, cutting all mail carrier overtime and telling them to leave undelivered mail for the next day rather than going out to finish the job.
    That's what's really going on.
  • But my cable bill & property taxes showed up right on time.
  • I live in Canada and I am a buyer. I must say in general my stamps are arriving from ALL OVER in a reasonable time. However, can anyone tell me what the situation is like in Tennessee? I have placed numerous orders going back to April, and have received NADA. The vendor insists the articles were sent; I have checked his feedback which is pretty high with few negatives. I don't know how much longer I should trust this guy. Any reassurances you can offer would be greatly appreciated...
  • I’m Canadian and it’s very long to receive stamps from US. I pay an extra of 27.75$US, for me it’s 36CDN, for nothing
    because 25 days after I don’t have nothing. I don’t know what to do. I receive with some seller at regular post service, my stamps order in 2 weeks.
    Sorry but don’t put all on Covid 19.
  • As a seller, my experience has been that orders shipped to Canada following USPS regulations (customs forms, etc) are taking up to 6 weeks for delivery. According to my customers, mail is being held up in Customs - but no other explanation. Canada seems to be the worst for delivery time for me.

    Did the seller leave you a tracking #? You can check to see when the order was mailed and if it has left the US. Also, contact your seller and let him know, politely, you have not received your order. I'm sure he will be willing to work with you.

    All sellers are doing their best, so everyone PLEASE exhibit some patience during these troubling times.
  • I can confirm Jeri's explanation for the delay in this case. It's also important for Buyers to review the tracking# provided them prior to sending the Seller a "nastygram". A review showed they were in Customs for at least 10 days with another 10 days unaccounted for from when they left Miami International Airport on July 30th until Customs acknowledged receipt on August 10th. Buyer has now been informed he will receive his stamps on Monday. He has also apologized for his memo to me which was nice.

    The lesson I learned from this sale is to discourage future buyers from Canada from requesting priority mail service as it appears to be a waste of money as a previous order sent to the same buyer via Shipping Easy standard mail arrived in the same amount of time which the buyer told me was unacceptable and I needed to do better which prompted him to request priority service on this order.
  • Just another report for the general consumption.
    I ordered a packet of stamps from Armenia (this was on eBay) in late May and just received it today, August 31. The envelope is plainly postmarked 26 May.
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