Bulk Lister Report

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I usually use the bulk lister to list new items and the report that comes back is quite useful. It sometimes reminds me that I am an idiot and I have not included a price for an item or I just typed on forever and the title is more than 80 characters. I would be nice if it covered my rear end by also reminding me that there is no image to accompany the listing. Either I mistyped the image name or just forgot to upload all the images.
I realize that some post no images on purpose, this would just confirm to them that the item is posted without an image. It would also save the rest of us from searching for the correct image and editing the listing a week later.



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  • It would be nice. I don't see any other way to know, except look at every listing. I've noticed one of my listings keeps losing the photo and I have to reset it. I don't know why. I only knew because a customer bought it and it showed up when I filled his order. I also learned that the photo name is case sensitive, which windows is a real pain about. It's really hard to find those.
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