PlannedAdditional Categories for Buyers

My particular interest here is topical stamps. A large portion of my business is to selling to topical collectors. Ebay has about 50 topical categories, and I believe I have more than that on my website.

Please give it consideration. Thanks!

Larry Phillips


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  • We also have about 50 Topical categories, but they're not in our main category section, they're in a separate filter called "Topics". You can get an idea of this here: Just scroll down a little bit and look on the left hand side.

    At the moment you can't see these until you select a first main category (which doesn't make sense since they go across all categories). And you'll only see 15 at most (we have about 50). The intention is to sort this out in the next couple of weeks. The last part is that these import fine from bidStart, but not from ebay. We'll get that sorted out too though!
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