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Up until recently, I've only used the Bulk Lister to list items directly on HipStamp. I assign the category and sub-category in the spreadsheet (item_specifics_03_stamp_type). This works well.

Now I started listing more expensive items onto eBay using the same base data, but using their File Exchange format for the columns. These items are not on no duplication.

I enabled eBay sync and it is working as expected, except in one way. The 3 Revenue Playing Card stamps that get sync'd from eBay are not showing up in the United States -> Revenue - Playing Cards sub-category. They are listed on ebay in the Stamps -> United States -> Back of Book -> Revenues category there and have the Scott RF# and Revenue in the title. Here is an example:



Is there a way to make it show up in the Revenue - Playing Cards sub-category on HipStamp?


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  • I would highly doubt it. HipStamp sync utilizes the ebay listing information. If there is no Playing Card category information on ebay, there is no way to determine it goes in the HipStamp Playing Card category.
  • True, there is no Playing Card category on eBay, but these items were in the eBay Revenue category, so HipStamp could have at least put them in the same, but did not.

    Also, items listed on HipStamp via Bulk Lister without the category specifics are automatically listed in the right category using the title information. In this case the title includes "RF26 Revenue" which is a Playing Card Scott#. Apparently this information and algorithm is not used for eBay sync items. So HipStamp has all the information to do it, but I guess chose not to.
  • List it as "US #RF26 Brown Bigelow PC, RF26-14.5 Bureau Precancel, 1 pack Revenue" or at least "Brown Bigelow PC, #RF26 14.5 Bureau Precancel, 1 pack Revenue
  • That worked Mark, thanks a lot!
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