stuck together hinges

I bought a couple packages of Supersafe prefolded stamp hinges. Half of the hinges in both packages had two or three or more hinges stuck together. I was spending more time trying to separate the hinges than mounting the stamps in my album. I decided to try something to help with the problem. I took a old medicine bottle that`s about 3 inches tall and 1 1/2 inches wide and put about a dozen ( uncooked) dried pinto beans in it and added around 50 to 60 hinges some stuck together some not. I gave it a real good shake for about 1 minute.
Most of the stuck together hinges separated and the ones that didn`t were a lot easier to separate by hand.


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  • Interesting. Never heard of that trick.
  • Does it work with Lima Beans or kidney beans? I know you've "bean" working hard on this.
  • I don`t know if they would work or not. I think i`ll try Mexican Jumping beans next. That way I won`t have to shake it so much.
  • Do you ever find yourself licking a bean and sticking it to a stamp?
  • Could you shake them in a boat?
    Could you shake them with a goat?
  • Sometimes, I find, the bean impinges.
    I do not like green eggs and hinges.
  • Cue Ron Lenke: 3 . . . 2 . . . 1
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    "The mention of hinges in beans is quite silly,
    And the tension of answer is not "will he?"
    For when query doth peak then of the why,
    I'm so weary and weak to again the reply,
    Have you not heard of Dennison's chili?"
  • Nothing special about Dennisen hinges. Don`t you mean DennisOn hinges.
  • No, he means
    If you look closely, you can see hinge remnants.
  • “And down the rabbit hole they went , said the Mad Hatter”
  • Is this a website for discussing stamp collecting or a website for a bunch of want be comedians?
  • We're still trying to decide that John.
  • Heaven forbid anyone should inject a little levity into the hobby or in the associated social interaction.
    Life’s too short, John. Chill out.
  • A little levity goes a long way. Not on and on. Lets talk stamp collecting and not a lot of endless nonsense.
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    For the most part these forums are filled with a high content of useful philatelic information drawn from the wide spectrum of collectors and interests; their questions, their knowledge. Restricting that interchange to a one-dimensional academic exchange reminds me of teachers who merely recite facts without appealing to the "make-learning-more-fun" side of the hearer. Ted, for example, is gifted with an ability to do this in a well-balanced mode; conveying aspects of our hobby in an interesting, often nuanced perspective and easy to digest manner. Sometimes we benefit by "coming up for some air" through humor (or attempts at such) to remember our philatelic pursuits are made more enjoyable and human with occasional
    suspension of pragmatic reality; what some might regard as the futility and absurdity of passionately amassing colored pieces
    of paper. Such an observation may be ultimately true, yet under that kind of critical reflection, so is much of life. I find making occasional fun of such a more pleasant road than strictly "coloring within prescribed lines". What I probably should have condensed this to is: where there's no one single right way of collecting, perhaps there's no one single right way of discussing the activity.

  • "A little levity goes a long way." -- John Burt

    Spoken like a true curmudgeon.
  • I appreciate your thoughts and agree that a little humor makes life more enjoyable as long as it is done in jest. My chatter comment about stuck hinges was done to help anybody that was having the same problem I was having. I haven`t been on the Hip website very long but I really enjoy reading all the knowledge that you more experienced collectors share. Thank you for your comment. John
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    There is always the option to skip reading the forums. Or is it time to try getting self-adhesive stamps off of envelopes using pinto beans? Does anyone have a source for pinto bean extract? How about Dennison pinto bean extract? OK, I'll stop.
  • Beans, beans, good for the heart,
    The more you eat, the more you...OK, I'll stop as well.
  • I had a Ford Pinto, back in the day. They don't have a good reputation due to gas tanks thst exploded in minor rear-end collisions. But mine was different! First, it was a station wagon which put the tank a little further from the rear. Second, it had faux wood-grain siding on a bright yellow body. And third, it packed a 2800cc V6 engine that despite an automatic transmission, could smoke the tires or do 140mph heading to the dog track in Seabrook on Rt 95. Now, this was back in the late 1970's when hinges were hinges and stamps were glad of it. We didn't have problems with 'em back then, but if we had, we'd have just thrown 'em away and got more.
  • Ok John B, I grudgingly concur- the rabbit trail appears to be growing a bit out of control. John M, the obvious question emerges from previous discussions and your comments: Does going 140 MPH in a Ford Pinto loosen hinged stamps mounted in a stamp album sitting on the passenger front seat?
  • Only if the window is open.
  • " oh , the humanity, the humanity".... ( as the Hindenburg revealed why hydrogen gas was not the best fuel source for dirigibles).
  • Oh! Ted, ........... I'm a bit late to the party but..............

    Those Dennison's Bean Hinges sound "yummy".

    It a shame we can't get them in the UK.
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