Need help with Scott number and value. Thank you in advance.


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  • Design matches Libya Scott APSD1 (CE1and CE2, but in different colors and without overprint). Best I can do.
  • A 1962 Minkus catalogue lists 7 values Issued Feb 1934. The on May 1 they were issued in changed colors with the overprint. Yours were 208 and 209 in the catalogue., Priced $1.25 unused and $3.25 used for either. ( In the old catalogue common stamps were priced at 3 or 4 cents)
  • I forgot, country is Tripolitania.
  • Thank you Doug and Jerold. I figured they appear to be Tripolitania Scott numbers CE1 and CE2 Cat Value use $130 each. I used the info from both answers and came up with that conclusion after seeing the overprint on Tripolitania C38-C42. Again thanks for the help. Doug
  • The problem you have is the first stamp a forgery. The overprint is clearly on top of the cancellation. You should get the second one expertized as it is probably a forgery too.
  • Thank you for the opinion. I agree the first stamp is a forgery with the overprint on top of the cancel. The second is more than likely a forgery also and I will think about getting it expertized but will think about it.
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