Stamp ID please and thank you

This one has be stumped, can you help me?

stamp id - turkey


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    Think it might be part of a 1976 set of turkish stamps. The red crescent is kinda like our red cross as far as disaster relief ....or so my internet search seems to come up with. So I'm merely parroting what I think I read. Oh and an apparent catalog number of the set: KG 69/72 was mentioned
  • I thought it was from Turkey, but of course Scott had me banging my head on the wall. I'll be researching a tad more now that you've pointed me in the right direction.

    I'm not familiar with "KG", who is that from?

  • It may be a charity stamp. Note after Scott Postal Tax issues indicates Turkey stopped issuing Postal Tax stamps ion 1958.
    Similar stamps were issued by the Red Crescent Society and the Society for Protection of Children. The lack of "Turkiye" seems to indicate it is not a postage stamp. "Kizilay" is Turkish for Red Crescent, according to an online translation, and "Gencligi" is youthfulness.
  • Jerold, you have confirmed the direction I was taking. Thank you.
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