What is the Hipstamp policy for seller mistakes?

An action is won at a great price and stamps from a less expensive series are shipped.
The price is almost half of what the stamps can be found elsewhere.
Does the buyer lose because the seller will only accept returns and give a refund?


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  • I'm not sure what the HipStamp take on this would be. I know that a dealer has an obligation, no matter what platform he is selling from, to stand by his product. Obviously the seller made a mistake (God I hope so). It is his duty to supply the correct stamps and arrange to get the stamps originally shipped at his expense When He Knows About It. The buyer has an obligation to inform the seller of the problem and wait an acceptable period of time for an answer and solution from the seller. If you are not satisified, then is the time to get HipStamp involved. Actually, just pretend your seller is in a storefront shop and there is no HipStamp. Act accordingly.,,and kindly.
  • Thank you for the comment. I really was excited to win at the price I got.
    I have had three problems with this seller and one each with three sellers. I found the other 3 sellers more accommodating in honoring the win. I have been having fun in the auctions. I have been asked why do I keep buying from this seller. I said they have great stamps. But these mistakes are dimming my appreciation of the good this seller has provided in my many smooth purchases from them. The smooth buys are a much greater majority compared to the three mistakes they have made. This one is a great monetary Loss and emotionally packed.
  • The penalty for Seller's mistakes is having to sort through a box of thousands of 1 and 2 cent Washington-Franklins and being asked if they are worth anything on a daily basis.
  • lol... I hope they identify the correct version of the stamps if they do sort them and not sell them for more than they are worth.
    Still, I wish that were enough for me right now.
  • It is the auction winner’s loss.
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