U. S. 1715a

Is this a printing error?
Notice the Line in the center vertical row of stamps. The line runs vertical on the right side of the row of stamps.

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    Looks like an ink skip.
  • White lines matter
  • Ron
    How about keeping your comments related to stamps (THIS IS A STAMP PROGRAM) and your political view to yourself.
  • Thanks Ted - Sure helps stamp collecting - now I know some more about stamps.
  • Yes, you do. Particularly, this one. :smile:

  • But Robert, everyone's entitled to my opinion.
  • Ron - This is a stamp forum - Keep your comments related to stamps.
  • It seems presumptive of you to equate my comment of "white lines matter" to a particular political viewpoint rather than the intended play on words ( I've mentioned to my wisconsin relatives that "black flies matter" also and they were amused, not offended) and further charging that comments here be restricted solely to stamp matters. Are you some sort of a self- appointed Hipstamp forum policeman defining the boundaries of discussion? If so, then under your thinking we must eschew comments about our pets, our health, past memories, humor, bits of our humanity that work their way as a sidebar into the dialogue posted here. Your initial inquiry is perfectly legitimate; your insistence to regulate responses, in my view, is not.
  • Robert, maybe my last post came across a little strong and if so I apologize. I do have tendency to make light here and those who are familiar with this have generally been tolerant and occasionally engaging in the banter. Ted, whom I have much respect, and I, now and then, will harmlessly provoke each other, knowing it is comfortable to do such ....just to stir the pot. Personally I think I do this (ala " Mash" the TV show) to vent the sobering tension and anxiety I feel from the many concerns pressing upon us from the world around. We do share a bit of common distraction and reprieve with our hobby engagement, no?
  • So, a guy posts on a message board called "Chatter" to ask a question about some stamps. He gets his answer, "ink slip" but also receives some chatter. He ignores the answer but instead criticizes the chatter and tries to censor the chatterer. Then it gets serious. May I suggest you confine your serious conversations to the "Serious Chatter" message board. Thank you.
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    What did I miss? What did I miss?...I'm always too late for the good stuff, darn it. Did someone get "Cranky?"....
  • Thanks Rene.
    That is very helpful in identifying stamps.
    Attacking a persons name.
  • Ignoring things that bug you is a super power these days.
  • I do believe the question was not answered before we all went off on a tangent.

    So "Is this a printing error?
    Notice the Line in the center vertical row of stamps. The line runs vertical on the right side of the row of stamps."

    Is it an error or what? Inquiring minds would love to learn.
  • Thanks Luree - finally back to STAMPS.
    Does the line make this stamp an error?
  • I think Rene answered the question 4 days ago, a miss step on the back ground color but the black text is apparent in the same place. Scott specialized catalog does not record an error more than 20 years after the release.
  • I think someone may be competing for the "cardboard box full of 2 cent Washington Franklins to sort" Award.
  • If anything, it would be considered an inking freak or oddity, not an error.
  • Thanks George
    That is what is was looking for.
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