It’s just what our family does. Being charitable is one of the best feelings

Living in South Lake Tahoe there are a lot of trails, including the famous Tahoe rim trail which began by constructing mile one the big meadow mile. 10,000$ donations granted “ownership” of one mile. Basically paying for the amount of labor and time it took to construct each mile. Of course my family donated that’s just what we do other than stamps and postcards and lithograph staring and touching D94295DE-F0C5-4F01-B55F-5748C35114EB


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  • If I politely ask, can you tie this together with a philatelic subject? I'm a bit perplexed.
  • Hi Peter. Welcome. It's always nice when someone new shares with the forum.
    Since you are a new collector, perhaps you don't know how to answer Rene's question. Philately and charity have been together in the USA since the civil war, at least. Sanitary Fairs were held to raise resources to aid wounded soldiers. One of the ways they raised money was through the sale of stamps. Not postage stamps. I don't really know much else about what people did with the stamps. I think they were just proof that you donated a few cents to the cause.
    Stamps have been issued by charities right along, up to today. Red Cross, Christmas Seals, Easter Seals.
    Peter, you could make a collection of just charity stamps.
    So, keep digging into your new hobby and collection. Keep posting here and ask questions. And remember, you can find a Philatelic connection with just about anything.
  • To expand on John's post, he left out one type which is actually produced by official issuing agencies in tandem with charitable causes, and have been issued by many countries: semi postal stamps.
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    To George's point- an example of a semi postal stamp
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