Add Sort capability to Order page

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When I am filling orders, I usually go to this page which shows all paid and unshipped orders:

I always ship the oldest order first which is always at the bottom of the page or the next page.

It would be nice to be able to sort Orders by date or other criteria. Then I wouldn't have to hit "CTRL+End" and go to the bottom and update the feedback which refreshes the page and puts me back at the top, and then go back to the bottom of the page again and update the Shipping info and then do both again for the next order.

I would just stay at the top and when I'm updating the oldest (sorted oldest to newest) each refresh keeps me at the top.

Yes, it is a nice to have feature, but HIpstamp has sorting on other similar pages.

Thanks for considering.
Mike Hynes


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  • I guess this is more of a pain for me because most of my orders are 50-200 stamps so there's a lot of scrolling between them. If I had mostly orders with less than 10 stamps it wouldn't be so noticeable.
  • You mention large orders 50-200 stamps. I agree with you and also it would be VERY nice if stamp would be listed 100% When an order includes items with a prefix like B, C, RA, you have to go all over the place to fill it. The problem is magnified if on top of having a large order, the stamps are from a large country. which magnifies the running around.
    Talking large order, I had one for 874 took a week to fill it! But I'm not complaining!
  • Yea it's more of an issue when you have these large orders. What makes it a pain is that when you update an order the refresh puts you back at the top of the page every time. The sort would allow you to stay there so you don't have to move around at all.
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