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Could someone explain to me why, when I search for 'India' in my store, either by an internal store search or by keyword from the Member's area, only a handful of stamps appear, but nine (9) of the covers I have listed do not? Each of the covers has 'India' in the title.
When I search by Private ID number, the covers do appear, but buyers certainly won't be doing a search in this manner.
I stumbled across this by accident while I was trying to coordinate a cover between here and eBay (where, incidentally, a search brings up all of my items India).
I shudder to think how many other categories this could be affecting resulting in less exposure and consequently less sales. WTH??


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  • I;ll take a stab here. A couple of years ago I ran into the same thing. I think at the time the upper search bar searched by keyword but the search bar within your store searched by the location shown in the entry locator. If you have "India" in the title but did not have "Asia" selected for major location India would not show up in the country box below,, nor in any store search.

    Hope that makes sense 0 my memory could be faulty but I seem to remember having to change 20 or 30 items so they would appear in my store search..
  • Thanks, Carol. Your explanation makes sense but its not the case here. I just checked a few of my listings and they all have 'India' in the title as well as being under the 'Asia - India' major location.
  • It appears to be a glitch - possibly limited to India. What it will pick up is the name of the state (Travancore) for example. If you search for Travancore. it ignores the "India" in both searches (top of the page and store)....
    Just checked it out by adding a stamp. No matter what order you put things in, or whether you hyphenate or not, it still zeroes in on the state rather than the country.....
    Something for Mark to add to his "fix" list...
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